Educational Journey

My academic journey began at Auburn University where I studied philosophy while also managing the men's basketball team. I wanted to go to law school. Then the spark of fascination with technology ignited.

The idea of switching to CS crossed my mind, but the financial burden deterred me. Instead, I embraced the vast open-source learning landscape online, where knowledge isn’t bound by ivy walls or hefty tuition fees. I also worked at a startup.

The Bits

I find the digital realm endlessly captivating - where information dances at the speed of light, connecting minds across the globe. In my quest for knowledge I found the intricate world of web and network exploitation. To prove it I took a few technical assessments with the DHS. I also prove it in CTF's.

Reflection (so far)

The commercial blueprint of proclaimed "online learning platforms" mirrors the traditional education system - monetizing accreditation while knowing that knowledge is free elsewhere. This notion doesn’t sit well with me. My preferred classrooms - YouTube, TryHackMe, and the web at large where a nominal fee unlocks a treasure trove for your mind.

A resolve has been instilled in me. To challenge the pay-for-credit educational paradigm.


My ultimate aspiration is to architect a framework that:

In this model, talent cultivation can scale and pace itself to meet the exigencies of tomorrow's skill landscape.

Calibir is an attempt at this vision.