🪶 happy

Happy that chances taken have led to incredible people and experiences. Happy that family has taught unconditional love. Happy for friends to share wins and losses.

I recognize that emotions are ephemeral, and this current happiness is as good as it is because of the necessary feelings of blue. I think this is something many young people do not understand. They are not to blame. It's as if we are supposed to be happy all the time. Making sadness that much more profound, and abnormal.

It is not in our nature to be happy all the time. When I realized this it was so freeing. It made happiness that much more attractive, sadness too, and all the things in between. I began to appreciate things more, and felt my childlike sense of wonder crawl back. Life is much more enjoyable now.

That is all. Enjoy your day. Feel free to reach out (contact info on home page).

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